Telling Truths in History

A Local Analogy

The 'history' of a single backyard though photographic evidence

The 'Macro' View

Wide Angle Photograph of Back Yard

The 'Micro' View

Close Angle Photograph of Fauna

Bias and Perceptual Filters

Dealing with Sub-optimal Sources

Monochrome Photograph of the Background

Power of Perspective

Longshot View of Backyard

Distortion and Focus

Partially Blurred Photograph

Useful Distortions

Google Earth View of Backyard

Power of Distortions

Google Earth Geometric View of Backyard and Other Lots

Cross-reading Evidence

Close Reading A Photo

Close Angle Day View through Lanai

Close Reading Change Over Time

Close Angle Night View through Lanai

What... is that Thing?

Dark Photograph of Mysterious Glowing Object

What... is that Thing? Pt. 2

Longshot View of Backyard

What... is that Thing? Pt. 3

Partially Blurred Photograph