Ancient Historian's Toolkit

The Ancillary Sciences


Dating, Relative and Absolute

Carbon Dating
Stratigraphic Dating

The 'Golden Age' of Archaeology

Heinrich Schliemann
Death Mask of Agamemnon

Trench and Grid Digs

Trench Archaeology
Grid Archaeology

Measuring Burials

Grave Schema

Grid Sketching

Skeleton Measurements
Grid Sketch

Survey Archaeology

Surface Survey

Survey Archaeology

Aerial Survey
Resistivity Survey

Scholarly Caution

Sophie Schliemann

Scholarly Caution

Motel of Mysteries
Motel of Mysteries


Making a Papyrus

Ancient Scroll
Modern Papyrus Making

Finding Papyri

Cairo Genizah

Finding Papyri

Papyrus Fragment
Papyrus Find

Vellum of Pergamon

Stretching the Hide

It Puts the Lotion on it's Skin

Vellum with Hair

Palimpsests: New Texts



Readings, Prosody, and Scansion

Latin Prosody

Etymological Relationships

Etymological Relationships

Textual Transmission

Manuscript Transmission Diagram


Coins: Hoards

Coin Hoard

Coins: Manufacture

Striking Coins
Coin Die

Coins: Economic Evidence

Economic Evidence

Coins: Ideological and Cultural Evidence

Ideological and Cultural Evidence


Epigraphy: Texts of a Different Kind

Laudatio Turiae

Epigraphy: Close Readings

Decree from Pharos

Epigraphy: The Roman 'Habit'

Roman Epigraphic Habit

Epigraphy: The Athenian 'Habit'

Athenian Epigraphic Habit