Welcome to the Digital Humanities

...now what in the heck are they and what do you have to do to succeed in this course

Basic Definitions

Problems of Terms: A Non-inclusive List

Layered Map
List of DH Topics

What DH is Not

DH Meme

A Few Examples

GIS & Mapping

GIS Diagram
Tableau Hexbin Map

Mapping Unrealities

Dislocating Ulysses - Data
Dislocating Ulysses - Visualization

Network Analysis

Gephi Network Analysis Program
Network Visualization

Some Ancient Applications

Latin Textual Tradition - Pelagios
Stanford Orbis Project

Text Analysis

Word Distributions

Text Analysis

Voyant Tools

Diving Right into Data

You Enter a Dungeon...

A Dark Dungeon Hallway

From Math to Text

ASCII Character Encoding Chart

Between Logic and Language: Programming

Example - Python Script

Basic Data Concept: Plain Text

Plain Text Example, TXT

Basic Data Concept: Plain Text (HTML)

Plain Text Example, HTML

Basic Data Concept: Plain Text (CSV)

Plain Text Example, CSV

How I Got into DH

Eleusis, The Shrine of the Mysteries and a Mysterious Man

IE503 - Inscription at Eleusis, Athens to the Altar Priest from Thorikos

Networks in Stone

IE503 Marked Up with Geographic Connections

Networks of Commemoration

People and Institutions Sponsoring Inscriptions, Force-Directed Graph

Those Who First Inspired Me

What You Will Learn to Do

1) Scrape Data from the Web

Webscraper.io on the Severan Database

2) Clean and Transform Data En Masse

Google OpenRefine

3) Visually Analyze Results

Tableau Dashboard

4) Research Digital Scholarship & Compose Your Analysis

Atom.io Plain Text Editor

5) Publish Your Work Openly

GitHub.com Repository

6) Most Critically: Think About Data Critically

Data Network Graphic

Previous Student Work